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Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 2012 ~Scrapbooking~

Welcome to April everyone!

When I think of April I think of cute baby ducklings and chicks and beautiful pastel colors.

I have a lot of crafty thoughts running through my mind but let's see what I can get accomplished, OK?

To welcome this beautiful month today, I'm posting my April 2012 layout from my parent's Christmas present last season.

My Materials:
From SEI's Sunny Day Collection

1}  Umbrella Glitter Paper (front and back)
2} White paper (I apologize I cannot find the name of the actual paper anywhere)
3} Rain Puddle Solid Cardstock
4} Golden Sky Solid Cardstock
5}  Jigsaw Kraft Edgers.
6} The Paper Studio Dual Tip Glue Pen (definately not for scrapbooking)

 I added quite a bit of detail to this page using my black pen.  You notice the "stitching" around the circles?

I used my black pen to add dots to emphasize the jigsaw boarder I used in certain spots also.     

I tried to use some scrap strips that I had accumulated to make the calendar rows and columns.  I also tied in the white from the picture layout above, by numbering the days using coordinating paper.

I feel like I'm becomeing a bit more familiar with the process at this point.  I'm still new to the game so most of the decorative elements are hand cut and decorated. 
Other 2012 layouts.

Isn't that baby boy so adorable??  I look at this over year later and wish time would slow down.  He's getting so big!

Mommy Sauri~

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