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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shepherd Costume ~ Sauri Style

SO... You remember Caridad's 2011 ~Halloween Costume~ right??  Yes, it was originally made for the Nativity Play at church on Christmas Eve 2009. 

She and Reynaldo decided that they wanted to participate in the Nativity Play last year.  We originally thought that Ernest would make a great lamb for Rey to "shepherd" but when it was time for play practice, Ern was having nothing to do with it. 

Men size T-Shirt and different types of rope

His name was crossed off the sign up sheet!  Poor guy he's still drinking a bottle for goodness sake. 

Babies Sauri with Papi.  Excuse my shadow...

Aunti Vi sewed Caridad's Angel outfit in 2009 but I didn't feel comfortable asking her to whip something up for Reynaldo this time around.  Granted, I did not yet own a sewing machine, I figured that I would rely on my fellow bloggers in blogland to help me with ideas. 

I used ~her~ method and I think it worked out perfect. 

Listening to instructions.  Caridad looks a bit confused wouldn't you say?

After all, I do not imagine that Shepherds back in Jesus' day were draped in gold and fine linen.  Wouldn't you agree that they probably wore simple cloth that was not immaculate and not prim and proper? 

Don't get me wrong, I will sew something up for Rey the next time something like this comes along but I vow to make it simple and fitting for a Shepherd, not a King.     

My beautiful Shepherd and Angel Sauri