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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

As children I have vivid memories of our family road trips over the New Year holiday.  Mom and Dad in the front seats.  My brothers and I in the back seats dreading what was about to happen. 

Dad would pull over so that Mom could jump into the driver's seat.  Dad would settle into his seat, Daytimer and pen at the ready, to record our New Year's Resolutions.  

As a child, I hated this.  It would bring back all the ill feelings I had of my personal image and personal accomplishments.  At the time, and even now-and-then as an adult, I see myself as a fat, unattractive, second rate citizen.  I was always compared to my brother, Jesse when it came to academic accomplishments.  Even as an adult I catch wind of things that make me feel "second" to my brother and I've had to train myself to stop taking the comments personally.  As a child I wasn't able to do that and this annual ritual of expressing what I wanted to accomplish during the year was not so fun.

As an adult I actually like the idea.  I've learned that without a road map you cannot get to where you want to be so here is my attempt at resolutions for 2012.

1}  Be a better wife, more date nights, more "private time" you get my drift.
2}  Be a better mother, stop to "take in" the small things.
3}  Be a better employee, do what I can to get us to the next level, always.
4}  Scrap more often.  I enjoy it and I think others will too.
5}  Spend more money on me, not just everyone else.  After all, I'm not the only one supporting the family and I work hard for my money the same as the next person.
6}  Eat Green, everyday.  You can visit ~NutriMirror~ to learn more about what that means.
7}  Exercise in some form at least 5 days a week.
8}  Make an effort to reach out to my extended family more often.  I'm not the best at keeping in touch.

Wow, there you have it.  I think I have a good working list of resolutions.  How about you, do you have resolutions for the new year?  Tell me about them in the comments.

Mommy Sauri~


1 comment:

  1. Great resolutions!!! I love what you said "without a road map you cannot get to where you want to be" - the perfect wording :) Wishing you the absolute best in the New Year & always!!!