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Friday, February 24, 2012

Linkey Followers

Well, I found out that Google Friend Connect is going away for some on February 29th.  Kelsey at ~Tattered and Inked~ explains. Click on the link to get more info. 
I joined the site, although I've not updated any of my profile information...YET!  

You will also notice that I added the  Linkey Follower Tool to the right side of my blog.

I wanted to extend a warm welcome to anyone that may land here via Linkey Followers site. 

Mommy Sauri~ 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Girl Who Ate Everything ~Giveaway~

I wanted to share this with you all because I love everything about ~this woman~.  Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she is now a mother of 4, and she still brings excitement and beauty to the dinner table. 

If you don't know about her, you have to check out her ~blog~.  I've made this, and it is a huge success in our house.  As a matter of fact, I've got a dish freezing as we speak...I guess we should eat that soon.  Mmmmm. 

I'm going to make ~this~ real soon too, Taco seasoning is big at Casa de Sauri.  I'm sure it will be a hit too.

There are so many other yummy possibilities she has to offer, but really I'm posting today to share her recent ~giveaway~

Hurry, go check it out NOW!

Mommy Sauri~

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine’s Day Garland

I've had a print out of ~this tutorial~ ALL YEAR. 
I wanted to make it last year but just ran out of time. 

This year, I made it a priority to get it done. 

My Materials:
From SEI's Couture collection
1}  Chintz
2}  Tabaret
3}  Marquisette
4}  Scissors, Ruler and pencil
5}  Ribbon
6}  Hot glue and clear thumb tacks

I'm going to let you go to ~SEI's Blog~ for Audry's step-by-step, but I wanted to show you some pictures of my process. 

I think these little hearts turned out so nice. 

It adds a little touch of color in honor of the holiday without making it so girly.  Girl's are outnumbered by the boys at Casa de Sauri so Cari and Mommy have to be respectful of the boys. 

This one is my favorite.  The large purple flowers with the mix of green and black is so gorgeous.  

Do you guys do anything special for Valentine's Day with your home decor? 

Year after year I'm trying to add to my stash of things to use during certain times of the year.  I'd love for you to share your ideas, especially links, in the comments.

Mommy Sauri~

Monday, February 6, 2012

What We Did ~Super Bowl 46~

Mommy and babies Sauri rooted for The Giants.  Papi went against the flow, as he usually does in these types of games.  He's always for the other team.  We are not fans of either team but you have to pick someone to root for, right??

We ate bar-b-q and fried Garbanzos because that's what Reynaldo and Mommy wanted.

Caridad made signs to hang all around the house and we had a great time.

My favorite commercial was the Clint Eastwood Dodge commercial.  Caridad loved the M&M dancing, without clothes on.  And we really enjoyed halftime and the entire game.

Did you have a party or attend one?  Who were you rooting for?

Mommy Sauri~

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 2012 ~ Scrapbooking ~

Remember I told you about my ~gift~ to my parents for Christmas 2011?? 

I'm going to post my layout on the first day of every month so you can see what I've done.
I hope you enjoy it.  I had a ton of fun and learned so much over the couple of months that I actually worked on these. 

At this point in my scrapbooking career, I've only been purchasing supplies for a couple of months. I'm still getting a feel for what types of adhesive to use and how to cut a straight line. YEP, no handy dandy cutting helpers yet. Just my trusty scissors and my ruler and pencil.

My Materials:
From SEI's Sunny Day Collection

1}  Sundress Glitter Paper, back
2}  Chaise Lounge Copper Foil Paper, back
3}  I used the foam alpha's included in the kit, traced them onto the Sundress Glitter Paper, and then cut them out with my scissors for the month title. 

January is ~HERE~  ~HERE~  and ~HERE~
I'd love to hear from experienced scrapers.  What do you think?  Does this look ok for a beginner?

Mommy Sauri~

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