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Monday, March 12, 2012

March's Wreath ~Sauri Style~

To keep in line with the BOOK PARTY theme, why not something book inspired, to welcome everyone through the front door.

I used ~this idea~ I found on a blog that I follow.  These 3 ladies are super talented.  Go check them out.  

My Materials:
1}  Cardboard
2}  Scissors & Box Cutter ( how do you think I cut myself)
3}  Old book pages
4}  Homemade mod podge (1 third water 2 thirds Elmer's Glue)
5}  Paint brush
6}  Pencil
7}  Hot glue
8}  Gold Glitter
9}  Spray Adhesive
10} Yellow Ribbon

I started with my star shape cut from a large piece of cardboard.  Sorry I didn't take a picture of this step but I can tell you, I cut my hand in the process.  See it, OUCH!

The library in my parent's neck of the woods has a bin where they put books that they are giving away.  You can read and return, or read and keep anything in the bin.  Dad snagged me this hardback so we will use those pages throughout the month.

I ripped the pages out of the book, removed as much of the clear border as I could, and glued the pages to my star shape.  I made some "mod podge" glue by adding some water to Elmer's Glue and I used a small paint brush to brush glue onto the cardboard, placed the torn pages on the glue and then brushed with glue again.  I completely covered one side of the star, let dry for a day and then repeated the process on the other side.

This was an early morning project hence the cup-o-jo
Once my star was completely covered, front and back, we moved onto the border.  Here is the process in pictures thanks to the lovely Caridad...She's such a great helper.

When we accumulated a large amount of the rolled paper, I simply glued them to the border of my star.  Cutting them to fit when necessary. 

So I have to tell you that I felt super guilty butchering a book that I didn't bother to read first.  Something about not using the book for its intended purpose left me with a feeling of betrayal.  In an effort to disguise the contents of the book as much as possible I tried to make the words as far from its original state as possible. 

The corners where the paper rolls met were quite weak so I had to "reinforce" the structure a bit.  I hot glued the large ribbon on the inside leaving 2 long tails dangling out the bottom. 

I took Papi's comments about ~January's Sweater Wreath~ and I tried to help this gem to stand out just a bit more.  Why not some glitter!  I also had to use my creativity to attach it to the front door because this time of year brings heavy winds.  The carved E helped to weight down the entire thing.  


And here it is, beautiful on the front door.

I hot glued the small ribbon to the back of the E to hang the star on the screen door.  You can also see the large yellow ribbon that I used to reinforce the inside of the star shape. 

The outside of the star I sprayed with spray adhesive and poured glitter on.  I think it looks great.  You can also see where the tails exit the inside to hang down. 

Sorry book and sorry to the author too. I had to ignore your original contents so as not to affect my final outcome. 

It was kind of hard to control the spray adhesive so what was meant to be only a glittery outside became an entire star that was glittery.  You see how the tails sway in the breeze?  I love that.  I look forward to the birthday balloons that will hang down on baby boy's big day.  

Can't wait to see you again.
Mommy Sauri~    

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  1. Oh my goodness, this turned out gorgeous! I love how you added the gold & yellow! Looks amazing, beautiful job!

  2. I love the way that you added dimension using the rolled up pages - great idea!