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Friday, December 30, 2011

January Wreath ~ Sauri Style

I am excited to share my how-to pictures with you all.  This wreath took a couple of hours to complete, taking care of the babies and all, but I had a lot of fun making it and I'm super excited about the finished product. 

Unfortunately I cannot remember exactly where I saw this idea but I'm sure it was somewhere in blogland. 

My materials: 
1}  a hoop form that I had laying around the garage from a baby shower gift that I received before Reynaldo was born. 
2}  an old sweater that I was going to donate
3}  some spiral thread that I've kept because I like how it looks
4}  Some random rope {not pictured}
5}  scissors
6}  glue gun
7}  cardboard

I cut the sleeves off and in half down the seem as well as cut a matching section from the "stomach" part of the sweater so that I had 3 identical sections. I hot glued the 3 around the hoop so that the cable knitting matched and lined up all around the hoop form.

I hot glued my rope directly to the hoop frame between 2 sections of sweater.  One will hold the "monogrammed circle" that will dangle in the center and the other will serve as a ribbon of sorts to attach the wreath to the front door.   

I then cut a circle shape from the cardboard and hot glued it to one of the pieces of rope. 

Once I got all 3 matching sections glued around the hoop, I searched the sweater for a different cable pattern to use to cover the seems between the 3 sections already glued around the hoop.  The picture above gives you an example of what I used. 

My spiral thread helped me to "monogram" the circle dangling in the middle of the wreath.  It was  a little tough because I had to glue the spirals together end-to-end so I had a long enough piece to "draw" my S. 

So What Do You Think??  Tell me please.  It's getting lonely in the comment area on this here little corner of blogland. 

Papi is a bit disappointed that the color kind of blends into the front screen door.  I guess I kind of agree with him but hey, I think it looks fantastic none the less.  Any hey, I enjoyed making it.

Mommy Sauri~

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Go check out the party.  Lot's of fun, thanks ~Tasha~ 

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  1. I think it is really cute. I love using the cable texture sweaters on my wreaths. Have you been joining any of the blog parties? This will help you alot getting people over to see your blog.
    I have a page with alot of the different parties if you need some help with finding different ones.

    The other thing is just a hint- I don't mind but a lot of people will not leave comments if you have the comment verification thing on. It takes them too much time. You might consider turning it off.

    bee blessed