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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Garland ~Sauri Style~

Once again I'm here using our trusty book pages.  This time around we are going to be making a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" garland to hang from the 2 windows in the living room.

You remember our good ol book we've been using all month for our crafting don't ya?  We've made a ~centerpiece~ for our dining room table, ~party invitations~ and a ~beautiful star~ to hang on the front door!  Well, those book pages are back again.

My Materials:
1} Old book pages

2} From  The Paper Studio
    Cream Cardstock
3} Craft paper
4} Scissors & Hot glue

5} Large Pinking Kraft Edgers

6} From Stampabilities
    acid-free pigment ink pad in gold and black
    The Paper Studio, Clear Stamp Alpha Set, Handdrawn Upper

7} From Hemptique
     True Hemp Crafting Cord, I used the yellow in the Topaz collection. 

When I cut out my invites, I ended up with scraps of cream cardstock.  I used similar sized ones to fold into the accordion looking shape, and hot glued one onto each banner.  Notice I also inked the edge of each banner with my gold ink pad. 

I have a whole bunch of fancy scissors so I figured I'd use them, instead of purchasing a circle punch.  I simply drew a circle on one side on the brown craft paper then cut them out using the fancy scissors.  Not as perfect as using a circle punch but WAY cheaper because I didn't have to buy said circle punch.
I hand stamped happy birthday onto the circles and glued them to the banner.  Then I folded the top edge over my twine, and hot glued each banner in place. 
Sorry, I know the pic is terrible but it gives you a feel for the texture of the banners.
So what do you think? 

Man I had no idea that paper punches and stamps were so expensive.  I splurged on the stamp set but I just couldn't bring myself to spend money on the circle punch, even though I really really want some.

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  1. You are the best! I just love you!

  2. Aaaaa. So glad you stopped to take a look!