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Friday, March 2, 2012

Caridad ~health~

My daughter has always had issues with breathing at certain times of the year.  "Mostly allergy related" is how I always looked at it. 

As she has grown, her breathing issues have become more difficult.  She starts to panic if she cannot catch a breath, hyperventilating almost.  Sometimes the difficulty is so bad that her lips start to change color.  Super scary stuff.  I was never able to get her in front of her Doctor at the time of these "attacks" until May 2011. 

I was smarter this time around and made sure to call the Doctor as soon as I noticed her change in breathing.  We were fortunate to see the Doctor the next day and sure enough her issue continued, if not worsened, up until the appointment.  You can be sure that we dealt with the lips changing color over the next 24 hours. 

Her Doctor gave her a nebulizer treatment and the issues subsided.  We left the Doctors office with a prescription for an inhaler to use when the next "attack" occurs. 

Now flash forward to February 2012.

All the kids, including Papi and Mommy, were all hit with a cough cold thing.  It started with Reynaldo and he got it pretty bad.  The froggy cough thing.  Then Caridad, same deal and she missed a day of school because of it.  It circulated to Ernest, Papi and Mommy but Reynaldo and Caridad never seemed to get over it. 

Another week went by and Caridad missed another 2 days of school.  Fever, cough, terrible breathing issues, didn't want to do anything.  On Friday I called to get her to the Doctor but nothing available until Saturday.  Good enough.

Papi took care of her all day Friday, checking her temperature here and there.  102 made both of us panic a bit.  When I got home on Friday night my baby girl was in really bad shape.  She insisted in waiting until Saturday to see HER DOCTOR.  So no urgent care that night.

OH MY GOSH.  We got to the Doctor's office on  Saturday morning and Caridad's oxygen level was half the amount she should be getting, with a temperature of 103.  "Let's try a nebulizer treatment and some ibuprofen,"was the Doctor's suggestion.  Fever reduced thank goodness but breathing and oxygen level, terrible still. 

Caridad's Doctor found us a bed ready at the Pediatrics ICU of a local hospital to spare us the ER visit.  She also allowed us to skip the extra expense of an ambulance ride to the hospital, with the instruction "your daughter needs to get to the hospital NOW". 

Sissy spent the rest of Saturday and 2 more days in the hospital with a terrible bout with pneumonia.  It was so sad to see her like this...

This was so scary for us all.

Has anyone had to deal with something similar?

Mommy Sauri~


  1. So scary! My little guys get croup really bad and we had to get a nebulizer, but they've never been hospitalized. Hope she starts feeling better...

  2. Oh my gosh! I would freak out. I am so sorry your baby had to go through this. I hope things are better now!