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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Crafts - just a glimpse

Because Papi was gone, I didn't have the camera.  That means that I didn't get to take pictures of the step by step process of our Christmas craft projects.

First let me start by saying, I did have a great idea about December's front door wreath...
I bought material to make my wreath and it sat around in the plastic grocery bag for a couple of weeks.  I was searching for the inspiration to get to work.  A tutorial maybe? Yea that's what I needed.  Even though I could see our beautiful, festive front door wreath in my mind's eye, I had no idea where to start. 


I found ~this one~  which includes step by step instructions. Inspiration was born.  But...I should have known that I needed to buy 4 times the amount of materials than I originally picked up.  I returned to the store 3 times because I kept running out of ornaments.  On my 3rd visit...THEY WERE SOLD OUT.  I even went to 4 other locations around the city and still could not find my red and gold ornaments.  Needless to say my inspiration has died and I'm a bit disappointed. 
1}  The December Wreath for the front door is 80% done
2}  December's Wreath is not going up in 2011for sure
3}  I'm putting it away until next year.  This way I can let my brain rest and come up with something spectacular to fill the empty space that ornaments do not cover.  It is beautiful though and next year it will make its appearance, promise.

I have seen lots of these types of Christmas Trees all over blogland and I knew I wanted my own to be the centerpiece on our dining room table.  I also wanted to add texture while keeping with the Casa de Sauri Christmas theme of green, red, gold, silver and white. Although Caridad and I no longer have finger prints, and poor baby girl received one too many blisters from the hot glue, I like the final product.  The gold one is my favorite!


I found someone in blogland that had a similar picture on a post of her Fall pumpkin turned Winter snow man.  Our pumpkin was not ready to be thrown away.  A couple of coats, ok 4 coats, of acrylic white paint, some felt facial features, a warm winter scarf and a top hat to cover his cold stem...And our snow man was born.  Notice the same gold material that we used on my favorite tree.       

Every month I try to fill these candle holders with something festive, according to whatever it might be that we are celebrating or are going to celebrate.  I cannot find candles that I think look nice inside of them so usually we fill them with candy.  This time around we are using RED HOTS

And that brings me to our trusty ~Advent Calendar~. I made the Christmas Eve envelopes extra big to hold the babies' new jamies.  I even bought the heavy duty clothes pins to make sure the envelopes stayed pinned to the line.. 

As you can see, my plan failed.  Majorly. 
You think they know what's in store for December 24th? 
Oh well. 

Mommy Sauri~

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