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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Walk at lunch

For 2011 I set a goal of sorts to walk with a co-worker 2 days a week over lunch break.  Mondays and Wednesdays worked best for our schedule.

I kept track so that I would be able to SEE if I had accomplished my goal or not.  I was good at first.  Bundling up so that the cold windy air wouldn't stand in the way of my walk and I got it done.  Most days by myself because my co-worker couldn't walk in the cold wind. 

But then summer arrived. 

My excuse was the heat outside. 

Remember, this is during my hour long lunch break from work. 

I'm wearing nice clothes that I don't want to get sweaty. 

And changing clothes, BAH. 

I have 60 minutes here: to change, walk, change again, and eat.   Yea not happening. 

And all that sweating, lord knows what types of smells will permeate my surroundings when I return to my desk at 1:00. 

So no walking during the summer months. 

I believe I attempted to "start again" in September. 

And that brings me to 2012.

Same goal, same days of the week and same 60 minute window in which to accomplish this. 

Wish me luck!

Do you try and exercise?  What do you working mothers do to get moving?  I'd love to hear about your "PLAN" in the comments.

Mommy Sauri~ 


  1. I just started again after the Holidays...finally breaking down to buy a used Elliptical which I have been using twice a day, once in the morning and then once after I get the kids ready for bed.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog! I do have a tutorial for the bow here:

    I have another bow showing tomorrow on my blog, same tutorial, just different papers!


  2. Jamie I am so glad you visited. I am so honored to have you here you have no idea. I am a huge fan of your work and I love your blog.

    Here's to getting moving~